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Harehope Quarry


Visits to Harehope Quarry

Harehope Quarry delivers educational visits for school and further and higher education groups. It aims to provide educational activities across the curriculum to encourage the enjoyment, respect, understanding and appreciation of the natural and cultural environment around us. 

Harehope Quarry and the surrounding area provide a unique environment for scientific enquiry, geographical investigation, environmental education and education for sustainable development. Natural habitats at Harehope Quarry include ponds, streams, woodland and species-rich grassland. The quarry itself is good for the study of rocks, fossils and the special characteristics of limestone.

Our programmes are based on 3 main themes:

  • Livings things and biodiversity
  • Rocks, fossils and landscapes
  • Sustainable lifestyles

We aim to deliver these days using a variety of teaching and learning styles including established environmental education programmes, fieldwork, scientific and geographical enquiry, issue-based inquiries, arts and media techniques and primary research skills. 

We are continually developing new days and adapting existing days. To discuss your specific requirements contact Jill Essam – E: jill@harehopequary.org.uk T:  07807 002032

Example days

Key stages 1 and 2:  

  • Habitats – Pond and river dipping. Compare these two freshwater habitats and investigate the animals that live there
  • Habitats – Woodland mini–beasts. Explore the woodland environment and discover the mini-beasts that live there
  • Rocks and fossils – Exciting hands-on activities to encourage learning about geological time, rock identification, fossil formation and fossils from the Carboniferous Period
  • Rivers – Investigate rivers and how they change along their course
  • Sustainability and the Solar Challenge – Experiment with solar energy through our Solar Challenge and learn about climate change and the ways you can make a difference in your school
  • Forest Schools – Introduce your class to Forest Schools or extend the work you already do in the Harehope Forest School area

Key Stages 3, 4 and 5:


 Enquiry-based learning can be used for the study of a number of geographical areas at Harehope Quarry and in the surrounding area. Many of the themes can be adapted for various levels from Key Stage 3 through to A-level and developed to suit the needs of individual schools. The following areas of study can be covered:

  • Rivers – Looking at river profiles, processes, landforms and flooding in the upper course
  • Limestone and limestone extraction –  Looking at some of the features of limestone, the environmental impact of limestone quarrying and using Harehope quarry as an example of quarry reclamation
  • Rural settlement studies – Looking at settlement location, function and distribution of goods and services (This will require the use of transport during the day)

Science and biology

 Enquiry-based learning can be used for the study of a number of scientific areas at Harehope Quarry. Many of the themes can be adapted for various levels from Key Stage 3 through to A- level and developed to suit the needs of individual schools. The following themes can be covered:

  • Freshwater habitats – Looking at diversity of life, adaptations and food chains, webs and pyramids of numbers
  • Limestone and limestone extraction – Looking at some of the features of limestone, the environmental impact of limestone quarrying and using Harehope Quarry as an example of quarry reclamation

Support for visits

Educational visits are run by experienced outdoor educators, who are DBS checked and First Aid trained. All activities are risk assessed and copies are available on request. Teachers are welcome to visit us beforehand to tour the site and discuss their requirements.


Our charges are fully costed to include staff time, use of all the facilities, materials and resources and ongoing project revenue costs, including insurance. The site is also available for hire should schools want to run self-taught activities and events.

Full day visit £200
Half day visit £110
Full day self-taught £100
Half day self-taught £60

Delivery in schools

We can also deliver a range of outdoor learning opportunities in your schools grounds.

Outreach full day £200
Outreach half day £110