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Harehope Quarry

Sustainable living in a natural environment

Printing by hand: Woodblock printing with Steve Dales

Create and cut your own design in a plywood block and print by hand on high quality paper. The technique you will learn on this short course is known as White Line Woodblock or Provincetown Printing. An easy technique, which…
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A one-day introduction to growing gourmet mushrooms, with Adrian Ogden of Gourmet Woodland Mushrooms

The aim of this course is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to grow their own gourmet mushrooms outdoors.  Anindoor session will cover the biology and ecology of mushrooms and fungi and the important role that mushroom mycelium…
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Spring crafts and makers’ mini-fair

Spring crafts:Join our family craft workshop to make homes for wildlife and spring decoration using the natural materials found at Harehope Quarry. Fire and hot chocolate to finish (weather permitting).  £6 person or £12 per family Makers’ mini-fair: At the…
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Quick Return compost making. Talk by Andrew Davenport, Gardener’s Cottage

This introduction provides an insight into the ‘Quick Return’ method of composting and how to get maximum benefit out of available garden and kitchen waste resources. Includes history, theories, types of bins, compostable materials, the system and methodology, using the…
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Introduction to charcoal making

Learn the basics of charcoal making – what materials to use, how to load, light and shut down a kiln and what is involved in grading and bagging the charcoal.  The day includes a bag of charcoal to be collected…
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Willow workshop

The Weardale Wildlife Group ran a very successful willow workshop at Harehope Quarry on Saturday.  The full day workshop was run by Creative Woodland Resources (www.creativewoodlandresources.co.uk) and resulted in some wonderful creations from lanterns and wreaths to Christmas baubles.

Christmas crafts event and makers’ mini-fair

Just a reminder about our Christmas craft event and makers’ mini-fair.  We will be running a family craft workshop making willow wreaths and stars and lots of other Christmas decorations from natural materials as well as having some local designer-makers…
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Christmas crafts event & makers’ mini-fair

8th December 2018, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Family Christmas Crafts  Come and use some of the natural materials found at Harehope Quarry to create Christmas crafts for the home and for presents. Fire and hot chocolate to finish (weather…
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The workshop at the west end of the quarry is finally starting to take shape.  The frames, built on a self-build course last year, have finally been moved to their correct position and we can start building the other frames…
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