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Harehope Quarry Project

Sustainable living in a natural environment


Green wood turning on the pole lathe

Learn the basics of turning freshly cut green wood on the leg powered pole lathe. You’ll find out how to work with wood still green and fresh from the tree; you’ll split it, shape it on a shave horse and then turn…
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Seven Sisters Robbie Ince Kielder Star Camp

Dark Skies Star Gazing

Discover the beauty of the Dark Skies of the North Pennines. We’ll start with an introductory indoor session using an amazing software programme that allows you to view all the wonders of the night sky in real time. Afterwards, weather permitting, we’ll go…
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Making the most of natural materials – training

Making the most of natural materials – sticks, leaves, mud and berries. This is a practical workshop for anyone working with children or young people.

Eco classroom at Harehope Quarry

Our eco classroom provides Harehope Quarry with a unique base and enables us to offer a wide range of experiences. The classroom was built entirely by volunteers. The building is entirely off-grid and our visitors enjoy the experience of spending time…
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Harehope Quarry Halloween event 2014

Pumpkin Sail

  Following on from our medieval pumpkin fling last year, we will be looking for suitably seaworthy pumpkin galleons to form an armada to sail the seven seas (the lake) and brave a hazelnut barrage to be first to reach…
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Volunteer Day

Join our regular volunteering event. Tasks will include the continued work on the eco-classroom and nature reserve management. Refreshments and a light lunch provided.