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Harehope Quarry

River bank protection

We have been planting up the river bank at Cave’s Batts, a stretch of the River Wear between Frosterley and Wolsingham, to try and prevent further erosion.  The 120m stretch has been fenced and planted with a mix of deciduous trees and hundreds of willow cuttings.  Not all the willow will take, but hopefully enough will, enabling their root systems to begin the process of stabilising the bank.  The Harehope Quarry Project has always allowed permissive access along this section of river but we are moving the footpath further into the field to reduce erosion along the river bank.  We still have more trees and willow to plant before the end of March.

With the trees protected by the new fence we are introducingeigjill 13[6]ht Hardwick sheep next week to graze the pasture to ensure the wild flowers are retained.  We would like to encourage all dog walkers who use the field, to keep their dogs under control whilst there is stock in the field.  The sheep will be moved around to enable the Tip End and other areas of limestone grassland in the quarry to be grazed as well.