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Harehope Quarry

Strange and beautiful

Our volunteer day on Saturday 14th October involved some close observation. Our volunteers were mainly engaged in cutting back Alder which seems to love the quarry environment and recently has almost exploded across parts of the site. The simple task of improving access and maintaining grassland habitats proved interesting in many ways. The trailer disappearing along the track stacked high with Alder branches had at least one volunteer waxing Shakespearean the sight being reminiscent of Burnham Wood moving, to the dismay of Macbeth. Of course there are no damned spots in Harehope but there are places where swathes of tiny Alders prepare their invasion. Getting down to deal with them not only revealed their pretty mauve buds but other more unusual growths which exhaustive research indicates could be Earth Tongues! None of us had ever seen or heard of Earth Tongues before but there is, naturally, a plethora of information to be found on the internet.

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