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Harehope Quarry

Tree planting

basket willowThe next few weeks will see intensive efforts to plant more trees before the weather does really start to get warmer.  A bed of basket willow has been planted this week and pruning has begun on the fedge.  The cuttings from the fedge will be used for planting along the river bank to try and prevent further erosion as well as replacing saplings have that have failed in a newly planted area at the west end of the quarry.  Any other willow not used for planting or in willow projects will be chopped into sticks for kindling – it is a brilliant fire lighter when dried.  The river bank will also be planted with a variety of tree whips including rowan, ash, birch, crab apple and oak.  No matter how good the intention to plant earlier in the year, the job always gets left until the weather starts to improve!