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Harehope Quarry


The Harehope Quarry Project is involved with developing, fundraising for and delivering projects that encourage access to Harehope Quarry, bring improvements for wildlife or provide other community benefits.  We currently have three projects in development.

Pond dipping platform

Some of the infrastructure in the quarry now requires upgrading to adapt to climate change.  One of the improvements needed is a pond dipping platform in a new location, which incorporates a structure that can survive flooding events. This project will build a new platform on a small wildlife pond, which is less prone to flooding than the main quarry lake. This project will allow local schools to continue to use the site for freshwater studies. Funding has been secured from the Weardale Field Studies Society and the Lakes and Dales Co-operative.

Two views from a thicket

At its simplest, this project is about creating a walkers’ shelter on the Weardale Way – but it is far more than that.  Most importantly this creative space will provide opportunities for community involvement during and after its construction as well as fitting within and enhancing the landscape of the area.  The shelter will present us with 2 views – physically a view across and ‘up’ Weardale and (through a dedicated window) to the skies above and intellectually grounding us in the working heritage of Weardale but challenging us to create a sustainable vision of the future. Heritage skills and creative workshop sessions will involve the local community both in the construction of the shelter and the interpretation of the ‘2 views’.  Some funding for this project has been secured through the Weardale Action Partnership but further funding bids are being developed.

Access improvements

Further access improvements are being developed for the south side of the quarry.  This project is in the early stages of development.